Notice to Patients August 2021 – New GP Registrar Dr Tasmim Khalil

The Partners of Lawson Road Surgery are delighted to announce that, as from the Wednesday 4th August 2021 we shall have working with us

Dr. Tasmim Khalil . Dr Khalil will be with us for 1 month before going on Maternity in September 2021; she hope to re-join us again in September 2022.

Dr. Khalil has experience of the hospital service, but does however require further General Practice experience before she can work independently. Initially, you may find Dr. Khalil working closely with one or other of the Partners, though she will ultimately be running her own consulting sessions and visiting patients in their own homes, as an independent doctor.

She will always be directly responsible to one of the Partners and whilst the Partners hope that you will accept an appointment to consult this experienced doctor you can always ask to be seen by one of the other doctors.

We hope and feel that Dr Tasmim Khalil will be of great benefit to the Practice and wish her well for the time that she is to spend with us.